China is a big country of talents (with a large base of talents), and it is also a small country of talents (only 5.5% of professionals are employed, less than 1/4 of developed countries). In particular, key personnel related to national economic and social development, such as high-level professional and technical personnel, high-tech personnel, high-level management personnel and senior financial and insurance professionals, are in short supply. In order to adapt to new talent competition, must carry out talent strategy as the first strategy of economic and social development, deepening the reform of personnel system, strengthen the exploitation of human resources, rapidly improve the degree of market allocation of talent resources, establish a scientific mechanism of talent cultivation, development, attracting and using. To create the talents of people of talent environment, establish and improve in line with international practice and the rules of the WTO are free to come and go, the treatment mechanism for the rational flow of personnel, timely to absorb, reuse talent introduction mechanism, the mechanism of targeted training, comprehensive incentive talent, fair competition, survival of the fittest talent use mechanism, performance, preferred embodiment of talents the value distribution mechanism, complete functions, advanced technology, talent market service system.

For the international talent competition trends, features and advanced concepts, we are quite a few people are still very strange, very numb. Therefore, we must educate all the people, especially cadres at all levels, to carry out the education of scientific talents so as to firmly establish the following concepts:

First, establish the concept that "talent is the first factor of developing productive forces". With the surging tide of the revolution of science and technology, the basic elements of economic development of talent has become the most dynamic "first resource", has become the key to decide the outcome of the. Who occupied the highland of talents, who will be able to occupy the commanding heights of industry, will be able to compete in the international market in an invincible position, can be on the road of development xianbatouchou. We must attach great importance to the cultivation of human resources, the development and use of the talents, understanding and using and training as essential quality of a successful manager.

Two is to establish "talent is a living resource" concept. Both the production and scientific research, each link must be "people" as the center, the allocation of funds, the allocation of resources are from "move", where talents of other resources will flow to where the allocation of production factors in the best conditions.

Three is to establish the concept of "internationalization of talents". The training and use of talents should be in accordance with international standards, to participate in international competition to cultivate talents, make our talents can not only at home but also in the world realize the ambition, compete.

Four is to establish the "zero distance" concept of talent competition. We should realize the trend of talent competition without borders in today's world, strengthen the sense of urgency of talent demand, and actively respond to and participate in the competition of international talents.